Let's bring the FPV community closer together and flying!

This project is still in public beta and some features might be still missing. The official launch date is Nov 3rd 2018.

How to get involved?

It's still early days and all help is very appreciated. Some of the easiest ways to contribute are:

Current progress:

  • Save and browse FPV flying spots on the map
  • Preview spots with videos and photos
  • Share location and meet other FPV pilots
  • Live wind and weather conditions
  • Beginner friendly FPV glossary / dictionary
  • Recommended tools, upvoted by the community
  • Submit a dictionary entry
  • Submit an article to the blog
  • Quad builder - 3D model playground

If you want to get involved, get in touch or check out the project repository. Or, submit info about an FPV spot you like flying so we can put it on the map.
Stay tuned and enjoy!