How to make a smoke stopper

Georgi Yanev, 14 April 2018

A smoke stopper can save your quad many times. In a nutshell what it does is it acts as a load between your battery and your quad. In the case of a short, the light bulb goes on and your board, escs and motors are safe. Nifty!

The build is relatively simple. Here’s everything you need:

12V 21 Watt light bulb

12V 21 Watt light bulb

1 male and 1 female XT-60 connectors

1 male and 1 female XT-60 connectors

16 AWG wire (red and black)

16 AWG wire - red and black


Switch front Switch back
Switch front Switch back

Solder all the things

Make smoke stopper step 1

The switch has 2 silver and 1 gold pad. The first connection is to the outter silver pad. Solder a black wire and lead that to the ground of the bulb (the side of the metal base).

The positive lead goes at the base of the bulb and into the positive end on the female XT-60 connector.

Make smoke stopper step 2

The switch’s middle pad (silver) goes into the positive on the male XT-60. Twist together 2 black wires, one longer and one shorter, solder them together and then solder them to the gold pad on the switch as seen below.

Make smoke stopper step 3

Lastly, solder the grounds from the switch gold pad to the grounds on the XT-60 connectors. Voila!

Smoke stopper completed

May your smoke stopper save many quads! Happy flying!